“I was in Ridgway for a few weeks and my dog had a little issue with one of her paws that looked infected. I didn’t want to let the infection get out of hand so I brought her in to Ridgway Animal Hospital. They took very good care of her. They didn’t suggest doing a bunch of expensive things that were unnecessary but I felt they did just the amount that she needed. I was very happy with my experience there and would trust them again.”

~ JJ, Denver CO
“Connie is fabulous! The best in SW Colorado and I know because I have used other veterinarians in the area. She is extremely knowledgeable and capable. Diagnostically she always knew more than anyone else. I have used her for 2 of my cats. She may cost a little more than some but she is worth it and your pet deserves the best.  I highly recommend her.”
~ BC Glenville ILL