Services Offered

Wellness Exams

We offer wellness exams and vaccinations for dogs and cats.  For healthy pets, we focus on preventative medicine as much as possible.  For ill pets, we team with the client to focus on the problem at hand as well as advising how to best move forward with a treatment plan, after addressing all options and concerns.  We do refer pets to a specialist when we feel it is in the best interest of the pet.

Cat Friendly Practice

We pride ourselves on being a cat friendly practice.  The entire staff likes cats and enjoys working with them, which goes a long way towards making a cat feel comfortable and at home in our practice.

In House Laboratory

We have a full service laboratory in house, allowing us to run all routine blood panels, urine samples, and stool samples quickly. We are therefore, generally, able to get results to you the same day.  We do use an outside laboratory for lab work that is less routine, for example histopathology samples.

General Anesthesia

For those procedures requiring general anesthesia, we will tailor a protocol specifically for your pet.  We then moniter them throughout the procedure with a Cardell moniter, which continuously checks an EKG, SPO2, CO2 levels,
heart and respiratory rates and temperature.  All pets under anesthesia are also placed on a circulating hot water blanket.  For more specific questions concerning anesthesia for your pet, please call or stop by our office and we will be glad to discuss it with you.

Digital Radiography

We provide digital radiography in house.  This allows us to process your pets radiographs quickly and efficiently.  The radiographs are then digitally archived, allowing us to email them to additional parties as needed.

Dental Care

We offer full service dental care for both dogs and cats.  Once anesthesized, full mouth digital dental radiographs are taken to allow us to formulate a treatment plan for your pet.  Since sixty percent of the pathology involving the teeth is below the gum line, the radiographs are a very important first step.  Once a treatment plan is formulated, we then contact you for permission to proceed with the plan.

General Surgery

We provide all types of general surgery. For any orthopedic surgeries, a mobile surgeon visits our practice to perform the surgery.

At Home Euthanasia Service

We will come to your home, within Ouray County, to perform euthanasia for your pet.  We typically require advanced notice to accommodate scheduling.  We offer cremation services, as well, after the euthanasia.


We offer Hills prescription diets and have most available in house for purchase.  We will special order other prescriptions diets as well.  We also carry Hills Healthy Advantage Oral Care diets for those pets not requiring a prescription diet.

Emergency Services

We do offer emergency services.  However, since we are a one-veterinarian practice, there will be times when Dr. Stapleton is not available and we would refer you to other competent veterinarians in the area.

Day Boarding Your Pet

We offer day boarding for pets. Your pet is required to be up-to-date on vaccinations. If needed we can administer these vaccines for your pet prior to arrival. Should you need overnight or longer boarding, Dawn is available to provide pet sitting services.  Please contact her at or (970)417-6092.